Oil Paintings

Pour your (he)art out

Here are the three major oil painting pieces during my Advanced Oil Painting class in Spring 2019.

Oil painting is one of the most challenging to master as it requires not only the oil paint itself, but also turpentine, turpenoid, and other paint additives. Learn more about oil painting here, one of my favorite art websites.

This was my first piece using oil painting. I was incredibly nervous to jump into oil painting as I had always used acrylic or watercolor. Click here to see my painting process for this piece.

This was my second piece using oil paint. I had grown much more confident in my painting style and really focused on the highlights and shadows. Click here to see more about this piece.

This was my final oil painting piece, which consisted of three 2x3ft panels. This is the most important piece I’ve ever made. Click here to see how I created it.